Hi, my name is Sami Alderin and I am the Founder and Director of Gravitas Academy. I have to been married to Jonas for 18 years and we have three amazing children, Olivia (16), Lucas (14) and Leo (10).  I would like to thank you for taking your time to read about this exciting, new venture. 


'Emotional Intelligence',  'People Skills',  'Life Skills' or even 'Soft Skills'  as it's often referred to, are terms used for a set of personal qualities that help make an individual a positive contributing member of society - be it at school, work or socially.  They are essential skills that makes one person stand aside from the other. It has also become increasingly accepted that people who are more 'emotionally intelligent' are happier,  not only at work, but in their relationships and all areas of their lives. 

My passion and experience are the reasons for opening Gravitas Academy.  It all started over 20 years ago, working for large blue chip companies in Human Resources then moving on to Recruitment Consulting, and ten years ago deciding to follow my childhood passion by coaching children in Speech and Drama and preparing them for LAMDA examinations. Along side this, I have been interview coaching children and adults for all types of interviews ranging from 11+ through to executive positions.

It has been recognised for the past century that there has been a clear gap in these 'people skills' but no more so than today, where children increasingly communicate through technology - According to the World Economic Forum's Future of jobs Report, 'Emotional intelligence will be the top job skill employers will be looking for in a person by 2020".  

We at Gravitas have a passion for coaching children and teens aged between 8-16 years,  helping them build confidence and self-belief whilst applying these 'soft-skills' such as body language, verbal communication, conversational skills, teamwork, leadership, emotional intelligence and much more.

Our Vision is to create an Academy where children can make friends, learn these skills through fun, small group discussions, interactive role play, learn how to speak in public, and have an understanding of how the mind and body work together through mindfulness and visualisation techniques. 

We have a wonderful team of experienced, DBS checked coaches who specialise in their area.  

Thank you for reading.