LAMDA is now the largest examining organisation for Speech and Drama internationally.  Not only has it gained a reputation for excellence as a Drama School (Benedict Cumberach is the President) and is the leading examining board in the UK, it is renowned throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the US.  It attracts over 90,000 candidates annually world-wide.  The Academy offers many different examinations in communication and they have been carefully refined and developed over many years by experts in education, acting and communication.

At Gravitas Academy, students will be taking an annual LAMDA examination in 'Speaking in Public' either at our own private examination centre or in London.  LAMDA classes are included within Gravitas' termly fees but the examinations will incur a separate fee.

If your child is currently taking LAMDA 'Speaking of verse and prose', and they wish to continue this discipline within Gravitas they may do so. 


Sami Alderin has a 100% pass rate with 72% Distinction, 26% Merit and 2% Pass over the past 10 years. 


Pass - 50-64

Merit  65 - 79

Distinction 80 - 100