Can Emotional Intelligence be taught?

Why has this cry for soft skills training been ignored?

There are many reasons why it has been ignored, but the number one reason is that these skills are misunderstood. The confusion stems from a lack of understanding of the core competencies related to soft skills. Those who teach technical skills know that at the heart of their curriculum is a set of competencies that can be taught and assessed. Many educators feel that soft skills are not competency- based and therefore cannot be taught. Some even feel that soft skills are innate and one is born with or without them.

Not true! For each soft skill there is a core set of competencies that are necessary for successful skill development. Many of the core competencies for soft skills have a foundation in emotional intelligence skills.

Emotional intelligence is a learned ability to identify, experience, understand, and express human emotions in healthy and productive ways. Emotional intelligence is known in educational settings as social/emotional learning. Whatever term you prefer, the concept is the same: to help individuals learn to use their emotions in a positive, constructive way. Emotional intelligence skills form the base of competencies that all soft skills are built upon.